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Updates for Super Color Palette

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Save Palettes!



Released on


Easily save unlimited palettes for free!

  • Added save option for palettes
  • Added saved page where you can view, edit, share, and manage saved palettes.
  • Improved the method for exporting palettes to prevent issues with extensions or plugins that modify the page color.
  • Improved usability of the generator constraints
  • Added fullscreen view option for saved palettes
  • Fixed export bug where not all colors would be exported in specific cases
  • Improved Discord join button hover styles for light and darkmode
  • Other minor changes

Super Dark Mode, Stack Preview, and More!



Released on


Lights out, dark mode is here!

  • Added automatic dark mode based on system preference
  • Added Preview tab
  • Preview preferences are saved
  • Added stack display
  • Added gap preview option for card display
  • Added hex size preview option for card display
  • Added Paste Hex option to quick action popup
  • Hex input field is auto focused when entering edit mode
  • Larger values can be used in shift input fields by typing
  • Changed button language for Adjust
  • Fixed a bug where changing the size for SVG changes it to PNG when exporting as pixels
  • Condensed main controls card layout to allow more room for colors
  • Updated the design of the Updates page
  • Many other minor improvements

Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase) & SVG Export Options



Released on


Import Your Palettes as Swatches in Adobe Programs!

  • Added Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase) export option
  • Added SVG export option
  • Added SVG for Pixel export option
  • A "New!" badge will appear for new updates

Input Update



Released on


Quickly type in the number you want instead of using the sliders

  • Added input fields for slider inputs
  • Improved pasting hex values and validation
  • Fixed some inconsistencies
  • Shift precision has been reduced to integers

Pixel Export



Released on


Easily export as pixels to use in your favorite pixel art programs

  • Export pixel palette as PNG (1x, 4x, 8x, 16x, and 32x)
  • Export pixel palette as GIMP (.gpl) file
  • Palette history updates slightly faster
  • Tweaked layout of shift tab on mobile

CSS Export



Released on


Export your super awesome color palettes to CSS or SCSS!

This small update adds the option to export your super awesome color palettes as CSS or SCSS variables. Using variables promotes consistency and allows you to easily change your palette later on. Gradients are also supported reducing the headache from manually typing out all the colors. This is a great way to quickly get your color palette into your web project. Enjoy!

v1.0.0 Is Here!



Released on


Welcome to Super Color Palette!

This is just the beginning. If you have feedback or ideas please don't hesitate to reach out by email or on the discord!